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  1. Business Directory Listing Form

    If you are a business in or around the Clearewater, Kansas area and would like your business listed in our Business Directory please... More…

Public Works

  1. Lead Service Line Customer Survey

    The City of Clearwater, as the water supplier, must identify all construction materials used on both the City side and the consumer... More…


  1. Application for City Services
  2. E-Statements

    Go Green and sign up for E-Statements. This will take the place of a paper bill.

  3. Request an Additional Trash or Recycle bin

    If you would like to have more than one trash or recycle bin you can fill out this form.

  4. Transfer City Services

    If you are moving to a new address within the City.

  1. Discontinue Services

    If you are moving out of Clearwater and are needing to discontinue your Utility Services.

  2. Extension of City Utility Payment

    If you are unable to make your utility payment by the end of the month, the city does require a utility extension to be filled out and... More…

  3. Request bulk trash pick up

    If you would like to schedule bulk trash pick up.