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Hammers Prairie Park and Nature Center

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Hammers Prairie Park and Nature Center

The City of Clearwater announces a very generous donation of 29 acres of property from Bill & Beverly Hammers and family. The property, located east of the Clearwater Cemetery, will be designated as a City Park. The park will be named the Hammers Prairie Park & Nature Center(HPP&NC). Bill Hammers commented, “This land was acquired by our family in 1907 and has been farmed for the past 116 years. We are pleased to give back to the community in a way that remembers the past while looking to the future.  The park will be a good addition to the City of Clearwater, a place that can be enjoyed by all.” 

It is the vision of the Hammers family that the Hammers Prairie Park & Nature Center be returned to native vegetation to provide natural habitat and ecological benefits for the wildlife residents and to create a beautiful area for visitors to enjoy. The public will be invited to access the park through established hiking trails that provide for the study and enjoyment of nature.  

The return to natural prairie has begun with the park being planted with the first round of native grasses in December 2022. The city plans to create the design, build the pedestrian hiking trails, and open the park for public use in late 2023 or early 2024.

To aid in the long-term success of the park, the Hammers Prairie Park & Nature Center Foundation has been created. This foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to support the City of Clearwater with maintenance of the park and to create and support public educational opportunities. Donations to the foundation are recognized by the IRS as tax deductible under section 501(C)(3).

The City of Clearwater and the HPP&NC Foundation will install a granite stone memorial in a prominent place in the park to honor Robert J. Hammers.   Robert was a Police Officer for the City of Clearwater who was killed while in the line of duty on March 14, 1934.   

The Foundation is seeking donations to support the initial and ongoing development of the park and facilities. 100% of all proceeds will be dedicated to the park, including the Robert J. Hammers memorial stone. Financial donations may be submitted to the HPP&NC Foundation. Donations should be made payable to HPP&NC and may be:

  •  Dropped off at or mailed to Clearwater City Hall, 129 E. Ross, Clearwater, KS 67026
  • Mailed to HPP&NC, 14111 West 95th Street South, Clearwater, KS 67026.

On behalf of the City of Clearwater, we are very grateful to the Hammers family for this wonderful donation and are excited to see this park become a city and regional visitation destination.  

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