What happens if I miss a court date?

Should you miss a court date without obtaining an extension of your first appearance, then the Judge can either issue a bench warrant for your arrest (depending upon the type of charge), or charge an additional administrative fee of $25 to your costs and order that a letter be forwarded to you advising of your failure to appear. This entirely depends upon the charge and is at the Judge’s discretion.

In addition, if you miss your first appearance court date, a Notice of Failure to Comply will be forwarded to you automatically setting your appearance on the next court date. You will have 30 days to comply by either contacting the Court Clerk to reset your case on the docket, or forwarding payment as indicated on the letter to the Court if your charge is an infraction. If you fail to do either, then notification will be sent to the State of Kansas, Driver Control Bureau requesting suspension of your driver’s license.

If a defendant is under a bond, the bond will be forfeited and a bench warrant will be issued. Failure to appear for trial or sentencing will also result in an immediate warrant being issued.

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