What are administrative fees and court costs and why must I pay them?

If a defendant receives a traffic infraction or minor in possession of tobacco products and then defendant fails to appear at first appearance and has not requested a continuance, the Judge will assess an administrative (or fail to appear) fee of $25 for failure to appear.

In addition to your fine, the state and local governments also assess court costs. The Clearwater Municipal Court assesses court costs of $65 in all cases involving traffic infractions, tobacco charges, curfew violations, nuisance, animal and loud sound violations. In all cases that are not infractions and are considered to be misdemeanors, which include serious traffic violations, the court assesses court costs of $130.

The Municipal Court does not retain the entire amount. $20.50 of that amount is paid to the State of Kansas for Law Enforcement Training and Municipal Judges Training as required by state law.

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