Update from the Mayor


Good morning Clearwater!

Christmas Lights and Decorations

Recently there was a social media discussion regarding having Christmas lights either downtown or in the City Park. This topic was discussed at City Council last evening and there were two different approaches discussed, one for this year with relative short notice and the other for the future.


  • As identified in the social media discussion, having lights that would cross the downtown streets would be problematic as the current streetlights do not provide sufficient height to hold the lights far enough off the street. 
  • The idea of a tree in the city park was discussed and the fear of damage by wind or vandalism was a concern. 
  • The idea was presented to have all the buildings in the downtown area install matching lights that would follow the rooftops down both sides of the street. This would require the notice and permission of each business owner, as well as working through cost, installation, etc. It was determined this would not be an option for this year but will be a topic for the future plan. As an example, please check out the lights on city hall.

What we will do

  • We do have 8 light poles in the downtown area when installed, have individual electrical access. 4 of those light poles currently have holiday banners already attached. The City currently has 4 lighted garlands strands that will be installed on the 4 poles without the holiday banners. We are looking at purchasing 4 additional lighted garland strands to have all 8 wrapped with the lighted garland.

 Future Planning Topics

  • Lights on the buildings downtown. The city will coordinate with all local businesses to create a plan to have each building installed with a matching light theme.
  • The idea of a tree in the park, perhaps a live tree planted, that would become the City Christmas Tree. Each year we could have a tree lighting event in the park. This idea will be explored and see if the challenges of having a tree (live tree) in the park could be done without the threat of damage.
  • Exploring the possibility of having extension poles attached to the current light poles that would allow for lights to be draped across the street.
  • Having lights placed on the three park buildings.

With the Clearwater Christmas Celebration planned for Saturday December 2nd, 2023, all downtown businesses are encouraged to celebrate with Christmas decorations. In the social media string, there were comments of financial support to aide with Christmas decorations.  With the ideas of adding garland to the current light poles or having future plans to expand lighting downtown or at the park, donations to support that effort could be made to the Clearwater Foundation (501(3)c non-profit) with the purpose designated for Christmas Celebration Plans or paid directly to the City of Clearwater.

We have a wonderful community and having it brightened by lights, love and hugs is always a plus. 

Sidewalk Cleaning

On a separate topic, with the recent snow and ice, I’d like to remind everyone with sidewalks that are in front of your business or home, those sidewalks are the responsibility of the property owner to maintain. Please be mindful of ice, snow, and other debris that might restrict or make the sidewalk unsafe to utilize.

Thank you,

Burt Ussery