Update from the Mayor

April 16, 2020

Update from the Mayor – New Business in the Clearwater Business Park


At the recent council meeting on April 14th the Governing Body unanimously approved the sale of a 103-acre tract of the Clearwater Business Park to Plains Cotton Cooperative Association (PCCA) of Lubbock, Texas. PCCA has chosen Clearwater to build a new 473,000 square-foot warehouse and distribution center. The new warehouse will store cotton from cotton gins in Winfield, Anthony and Pratt and will be distribute and ship cotton to production facilities worldwide.

The property was sold for $350,000 and PCCA was given an 80% property tax abatement for 10 years and industrial bonds will be issued for up to $12.5 million for construction.

The plan is to begin construction this summer in time to complete prior to harvest. PCCA will plan to hire 12 to 15 full-time employees and employ an additional 10 seasonal workers.

PCCA is a non-profit co-op founded in the 1950s and is one of the largest textile suppliers in the world. They are the exclusive provider for Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas, this is its second facility in Kansas. Previously, all cotton grown regionally has been shipped and stored in Oklahoma and Texas.

In part, PCCA chose the Clearwater Business Park based on its access to the Union Pacific rail line access. PCCA’s truck traffic will enter and depart the Business Park from a north entry of 95th street. All traffic will enter and depart Clearwater from the north on 135th street and not be allowed to travel through town. We have been working with Sedgwick County for plans to pave 95th street from 135th east to the north entry into the facility.

As the cotton industry continues to expand in the region, PCCA will expand their operations in Clearwater.

I would like to acknowledge and thank, the representatives of PCCA, staff from the Greater Wichita Partnership (economic development agency), and Sedgwick County for their valuable assistance provided throughout this lengthy process.


The City has also reached agreement with Jason Martin to purchase two lots in the Clearwater Business Park. Jason will be constructing a commercial building that is planned to also bring additional jobs to Clearwater.


The Clearwater Business Park was purchased by the City of Clearwater in 2008 and until recently has remained mostly vacant.  With PCCA and Jason Martin joining our two current business owners of property in the Clearwater Business Park, Andy Jacobs and Jay Lauer the Business Park is now fully occupied. I would like to thank the Clearwater City Councils, past and present, for their vision and support to have the Clearwater Business Park a reality. I would specifically like to acknowledge and thank Ron Marsh, City Administrator, for his work with Jay Lauer, Jason Martin and PCCA over the past year or so to secure each of these opportunities for Clearwater.