Cemetery District

The Clearwater Cemetery District is a separate entity from the City of Clearwater. The office for the Cemetery is in City Hall. The Cemetery has always had their own Budget and Board members.

The Clearwater Cemetery has four cemetery locations:

  • Clearwater Cemetery (Main Cemetery)
  • Harrington Cemetery
  • Noel Cemetery
  • Ruby Cemetery

The Clearwater Cemetery District is not a City of Clearwater operation. It is managed and ran by the Cemetery District. Please contact the Cemetery Secretary for more information regarding the cemteries, plots and pricing. 

Clearwater (Main) Cemetery

The main cemetery is located north of town at 534 North Tracy, at the crossroads of Tracy and Diagonal Road.

Our main cemetery has a grave site guide located at the north entrance to locate individuals and their prospective burial sites.

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Ruby Cemetery

Ruby Cemetery is located at 71st Street South and 151st. This quiet and secluded cemetery dates back to the early 1900s. This cemetery is also part of the Clearwater Cemetery District. 

If you have questions or inquiries regarding this cemetery or lots within the cemetery, please call 620-584-2311.

Harrington Cemetery

Harrington Cemetery is located on the north side of 111th South at 215th West. There is a fence surrounding the cemetery. There are a few lots available in Harrington Cemetery. 

If there any questions regarding the Harrington Cemetery, please call the Cemetery Office at 620-584-2311.