About the Water Service in Clearwater

The Clearwater water tower was built in 1973 and holds 150,000 gallons. It is 130 feet to the top of the tower. The tower stores water and helps maintain steady water pressure throughout the system. Water is pumped from the city’s wells to the water tower and then throughout the distribution system in the city.

The City of Clearwater pumped 73,139,500 gallons in 2011 to over 850 residential customers and over 900 total customers. In past years, they pumped the following amounts of water:

  • In 2010 - 75,492,000 gallons
  • In 2009 - 71,098,000 gallons
  • In 2008 - 71,277,000 gallons
  • In 2007 - 75,276,000 gallons
  • In 2006 - 78,281,000 gallons
  • In 2005 - 74,979,000 gallons
  • In 2004 - 74,886,000 gallons
  • In 2003 - 77,018,000 gallons
  • In 2002 - 76,756,000 gallons
  • In 2001 - 82,563,000 gallons

Utility Billing Schedule

The City of Clearwater bills for water, sewer and trash service. Water meters are read near the 20th of the month. Bills are sent out on the 28th. Bill payment is due by the 10th.

Late notices are sent out on the 15th to customers who have not paid their bills with the notification of when service will be discontinued if payment is not received. Service is shut off for customers who still have not paid their bills on the date designated in the notice.