Clearwater Brush Dump


The dump is located half a mile south of 103rd (Ross) on 151st Street West (1st dirt road west of the railroad tracks).


  • 4 to 7 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday
  • 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday
  • Unless closed for weather or darkness during the week in winter

You must be a city resident and have permit to drop off items.

Meeting Clean Air Standards

For several years, the City of Clearwater has provided a Bush Dump which has benefited the citizens. The City is under pressure from Sedgwick County and the State to help them meet clean air standards. They require the City to burn within daylight hours or not to burn at all. It is cost prohibitive for the dump and its customers to grind the tree limbs for composting.

Guidelines for Keeping Our Dump Operating

We would appreciate your help. This will take some effort on your part: Your efforts can help make our dump more efficient while meeting clean air guidelines we can all afford. Follow these guidelines to help keep our dump operating:

  • Tree and brush branches: Please separate branches that are under 3 inches in diameter. The smaller branches can be easily burned. Pine needles can also be placed in the burn pile.
  • Branches over 3 inches in diameter: Please put into the pile marked 3 inches and larger.
  • Grass clippings: Please keep leaves and grass clippings separate as they make great Compost.
  • Leaves: Please keep leaves separate from grass clippings. These also make good Compost.
  • Wood chips: Please separate wood chips from branches, grass clippings, and leaves. The wood chips will be used for mulching flowers and trees.

The compost, which is blended by the City Maintenance Department, is the best quality for planting flowers or gardens. If you bring in a mixture of grass, leaves, and limbs, please separate them. Grass and leaves do not burn well and create smoke which contributes to air pollution problems and causes the regulatory agency to come and look at our operation.

We want to continue this service for our community and appreciate your help. If we all work together, we can still enjoy our clean community.

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