Alcohol & Treatment Information

Alcohol Information

Defendants are allowed to apply for diversion on first time only alcohol offenses. Defendants will complete a diversion application and personal history form to be provided to our alcohol evaluator, Juan Dominguez, prior to or at the time of their evaluation. Should your alcohol offense be a second or third conviction after a finding of guilty, then the Judge will order a pre-sentence investigation before sentencing.

Each evaluation, whether for diversion or pre-sentence investigation, is at a charge of $150, which must be paid to the evaluator at the time of the interview. Juan Dominguez is associated with South Central Kansas Court Services and his office is located at:

1919 North Amidon

Suite 110

Wichita, Kansas 67203

Phone: 620-488-3357 or 316-253-1562

It is imperative that you keep your appointment for your alcohol evaluation. You should arrive approximately 10 to 15 minutes early to make sure you are on time. If your appointment is missed, the evaluator can charge you an additional fee for failing to appear as scheduled.

Required Alcohol Classes

If you are convicted of an alcohol violation or placed on the alcohol/drug diversion program, you may be required to attend an 8-hour Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program (ASDAP). There are several locations that offer this class. Upon completion of the ADSAP Class, a certification of completion will be provided to the person attending the class, and the original will be forwarded to the Court.

Required Treatment Programs

Often times, as a part of his/her sentence or diversion a defendant will be ordered to attend and complete certain treatment programs. The treatment programs are dependent upon the charge of which the defendant is convicted, and there are treatment facilities that are approved by the Court. The treatment facilities and programs are located in Wichita and surrounding area.