Teaching Children Fire Safety

The Clearwater Fire Department encourages parents to teach children at an early age about the dangers of fire-play in an effort to prevent injuries, fire and fire-setting behavior in the future. Below are some helpful facts about children and fire safety.

Curious Kids Set Fires

Children under five are curious about fire from what begins as a natural exploration of the unknown. Children of all ages set fires. The following facts may be true about your child:

  • Children make up a significant number of fire-related injuries.
  • Many fires that harm children are set by children playing with fire.
  • At home, children usually play with fire in bedrooms, in closets and under beds. These are "secret" places where there are a lot of things that catch fire easily.
  • Too often, child fire-setters are not given proper guidance and supervision by parents and teachers. Consequently, they repeat their fire-setting behavior.

At-Risk Children

Should you know of a child who you believe is at risk for fire-play or fire-setting, contact our department immediately. We can put the child’s parents or guardians in touch with a juvenile fire-setting program. All information remains confidential. Our goal is to prevent not to punish.