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Enforcement of City Ordinances

The Clearwater Police Department will be enforcing city ordinances involving vehicles parked in front and side yards, utility trailers and inoperable vehicles.

The Clearwater Police Department is enforcing City Ordinance No. 826 regarding motor vehicles parked in front yards. This ordinance states that “. . .  it is unlawful . . .  to park a motor vehicle upon the portion of premises commonly referred to as the front yard. This section shall not apply to any parking area, driveway, or loading area which is graded and paved with an all- weather dustless material. . .” This means that you are not allowed to park any type of motor vehicle in your front or side yard that is exposed to a public street, unless the vehicle is on a dustless surface (i.e. concrete, rock, asphalt).

Further included is City Ordinance No. 826 regarding utility trailers states, “No person, form or entity shall leave standing any attached or unattached utility trailer, enclosed trailer, or pole trailer on a public roadway in the City of Clearwater. Provided that, parking of a utility trailer for a period of less than twenty-four hours of continuous parking is permitted, so long as such trailer is being used in conjunction with the loading, unloading of construction or lawn maintenance equipment, or in active, continuous service as a commercial trailer.  As used in this section “commercial trailer” means any trailer, and pole trailer drawn by a motor vehicle and which is designed, used and maintained for the transportation and delivery of property for hire, compensation, profit or in the furtherance of active commercial enterprise.”

The Police Department is also enforcing Ordinance No. 747 concerning inoperable vehicles which states, “It is unlawful for any person owning or having custody of any inoperable motor vehicle or motor vehicle accessories to store or permit any such vehicle or accessories to remain on any private property within the city for a period of more than thirty days after receipt of a notice requiring such removal, and it is further unlawful for any person owning any private property in the city to store or to permit to remain any such vehicles or accessories on his property for more than a like period. Such storage is declared to be a public nuisance and made be abated or removed and penalties imposed as provided in this chapter”  This means you cannot have a vehicle that is considered inoperable or junk vehicle parked in your front yard, back yard and/or side yard. These vehicles must be in an enclosed building.  Definition of an inoperable vehicle is any motor vehicle which is partially dismantled or wrecked and which cannot safety or legally be operated.

If anyone is found to be in violation of any of these ordinances, citations will be issued by the Police Department as provided by ordinance in which said individual would be summoned to appear in the Clearwater Municipal Court. Said violation of any one of these ordinances can carry a fine up to $500, thirty days in jail, or both.

If you have any questions concerning the ordinances and the conditions thereof, please do not hesitate to contact the Police Department at 584-2349.

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