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Chisholm Trail Sports Complex History & Plan

August 20, 2007

Considerable support of matching funds enabled the city to accept the grant from the Kansas Wildlife and Parks Funds to purchase 44.56 acres in 1981.  A requirement in accepting the grant was to develop a community plan for the development of the sports complex.  In 1991, the Clearwater Park Advisory Board initiated a survey of the community to assist in the list of priorities in the development of the Chisholm Trail Recreational Sports Complex.  In February 18, 1992, the Phase One Report was completed.  In June 15, 1992, the Phase Two Report was completed.  In July 25, 1994, the History and Plan for the Sports Complex was created.  This is the yearly update of that report.  Since the first report in 1992, the following has been accomplished:

1.       Water Line installed with Vulcan, Inc.'s purchase of materials.

2.       Electric Line and telephone line installed by Southern Kansas Telephone donating the trenching.

3.       Two wells with pumps were installed with donated funds.

4.       Chisholm Trail Marker was constructed with 50% donations funds from the Lions Club and Historical Society and 50% city matching funds.

5.       Nature Trail Established with U.S.D. #264 for school outdoor studies.

6.       Trees and shrubs (121) planted in nature trail purchased by Vulcan, Inc. planted by the students of U.S.D. #264.

7.       Trees (61) planted with Small Business Association (SBA) Matching Grant with city by Design wise.

8.       Roads graveled with Chisholm Trail Recreation Commission purchasing gravel with public works hauling and installing.

9.       Two ball diamonds fenced with matching funds from Chisholm Trail Recreation Commission, Clearwater Baseball Association, Lions Club and city.

10.     Soccer goals donated by AtoChem.

11.     Grass planted on soccer field and drainage areas by public works.

12.     Barrier poles to mark driving and parking areas were donated by Southern Kansas Telephone, installed by the public works department, and painted by volunteer students and adults.

13.     Electrical line installed to temporary concession stand and storage building with city funds.

14.     Two storage buildings constructed as temporary concession stand and storage buildings for baseball and soccer associations from city donations with construction by U.S.D. #264 Shop Class.   In July 1, 1994, a 100 mph wind destroyed the smaller of the storage buildings. When the new multi-purpose building is completed in 1995, the Chisholm Trail Radio Control Club will have the use of the remaining storage building.

15.     Batting cage was installed by volunteers with funds donated by: Dan's Plumbing, Charles Engineering, H.D. Mills & Sons, Home State Insurance, Mize Thriftway, Nord, Harder & Associates, Bob Fleming, Clearwater Family Practice, Marjorie Allison, Don & Sons, Lawrenz  Construction, Home State Bank, Bales Pharmacy, Clearwater Grain, Southern Kansas Telephone Co., Inc., Stan Brady, Bob Cocking, Mark Pelz, American Images, Bart McCoy and Paul Schule.

16.     Installation of drainage culverts for walking path.

17.     Two scoreboards donated by Pepsi.

18.     Street Lights (6) installed by K.G. & E. with conduit supplied and installed by Clearwater Public Works Department.  Trenching was donated by Southern Kansas Telephone Co., Inc.

19.     Construction of Multipurpose building with concession, storage, and rest rooms with city matching funds from Chisholm Trail Recreation Commission, Home State Bank, and Vulcan, Inc.

20.     Sewer line for multipurpose building constructed by City Public Works Department with donated engineering by S.E. Anderson.

21.     Flying field was planted with Buffalo Grass extended to Ross Avenue.  The grass seed was donated by Chisholm Trail Radio Control Club (CTRCC) and planted by Mike Hasty.  CTRCC paid Mike Hasty $380 to cover expenses.

22.     Clearwater has received a grant from the National Tree Trust Community Tree Planting Program.  The trust supplies the city with 600 trees to grow for community trees.  The tree planting site for the trees is in the nature area.

23.            Lighting of Baseball Field #3 completed in 1996 with a $15,000 match of donated funds contributed by Junior Ball Association and Lions Club, trenching for lines by Southern Kansas Telephone Co., Inc. and equipment rental (crane) paid for by Vulcan, Inc.  (1996)

24.            Recycled asphalt from South Fourth Avenue improvements paved ½ of west parking lot.  (1996)

25.            Red keel on all ball diamonds donated by Junior Ball Association.  (1995-96)

26.            Irrigation on Soccer Field #1 was installed with funds from Chisholm Trail Recreation Commission, City, and AYSO.  Southern Kansas Telephone Co., Inc. contributed the trenching.  Jim Whitney provided his knowledge for the installation.  (1995-96)

27.            Flag pole, flag, memorial plaque and spotlight were installed by the Clearwater Fall Festival Committee in memory of Harvey Hockersmith.  (1995-96)

28.            Water fountain contributed by Chisholm Trail Recreation Commission.  Removed in 1995.

29.            Repairs were made from storm damage that occurred on July 1, 1995.

30.            Chisholm Trail Radio Control Club constructed a 12’ x 40’ shelter with matching funds from the city (after receiving permission for construction).   (1996)

31.            Tree Board planted a swamp oak tree for the Ninnescah 4-H.  (1995-96)

32.            Scout troop planted a Capital Pear tree for the Scout Council.  (1995-96)

33.            KGE contributed 21 trees to the city.  Clearwater Tree Board, city staff and volunteers planted the trees.  (1995-96)

34.            City public works department installed irrigation systems to Soccer Fields #2 and #3 with help from Jim Whitney of USD 264 and matching funds from Chisholm Trail Recreation Commission.  (1996)

35.            Two plaques honoring corporate donors and individual donors as well as all volunteers were installed on the north wall of the multi-purpose building.  (1996)

36.            Baseball Association planted grass on Field #1.  (1997)

37.            Fencing was constructed around Baseball Field #1 to enable USD #264 to use the field for high school baseball – a new activity for USD 264.  Matching funds from the city, Chisholm Trail Recreation Commission and volunteer labor from the Baseball Association and the Lions Club.   (1996)

38.            Large scoreboard obtained from Pepsi in exchange for a 10 year contract for vending machines in the city park, swimming pool and sports complex in partnership with Mize Thriftway.  (1997)

39.            Baseball field #1 press box constructed by the Lions Club in memory of Gip Webb. (1997?)

40.            Baseball field #2 lighting completed with a $18,000 match of donated funds contributed by Baseball Association and Lions Club.  Trenching for lines by Southern Kansas Telephone Co. Inc., and Vulcan, Inc.  (1998)

41.            Shelter house constructed by Triple B Construction with funds from the Chisholm Trail Recreation Commission.  (1999)

42.            Electricity supplied to the Chisholm Trail Radio Club from donations to the city.  (1999?)

43.            Electricity and lights supplied to the shelter house from donations to the city.  (1999)

44.            Picnic table for shelter with funds from the Chisholm Trail Recreation Commission.  (1999)

45.            Irrigation systems installed by city public works department on Baseball fields #1, #2 and #3 with help from Jim Whitney and matching funds from Chisholm Trail Recreation Commission and USD #264.  (2000)

46.            In concert with the work on the irrigation systems, the old turf was tilled into the soil and new grass seed was planted on the three fields.  Project completed by Jim Whitney with assistance from the city public works department.  Keel was also brought in to cover the warning track and side fences on Field #1.  (2000)

47.            White posts moved at west edge of the east parking area for soccer fields to allow additional room for traffic flow and parking for attendees and spectators.  (2001)

48.            Trees planted along the trail to the Chisholm Trail monument.  Trees donated by the Tree Board for the City of Clearwater.  (2001)

49.            Lights on baseball field #1.  Funded by city with 10-year lease from Musco Lighting.  Installed by contract with Decker Electric.  (2002)

50.            Scorekeepers stands built at softball fields #2 and #3.  Built by Mike Machart with funds contributed by Vulcan Materials, Inc.  (2002)

51.            Sidewalks in middle of ball field complex connecting concession stands and scorekeeper stands at all three fields.  (2002-2003)

52.            Irrigation installed in central spectator area between all three baseball/softball fields.  Irrigation installed by Jim Whitney.  Bermuda grass seed planted in area between sidewalks and just a few feet outside sidewalks.  Irrigation and seed purchased with city funds.  (2003)

53.            Batting cage built by city public works department in between large baseball field and field #2 – towards the east end of baseball field complex.  Nets for two batting cages bought by city funds.  (2003)

54.            New irrigation well drilled in between soccer fields #1 and #2 on the west end of the complex (between fields for U-6 and U-8 and the field used for U-10).  Irrigation switched to well water from city water for the two fields to the west.  (2003)

55.            Sanitary sewer main installed in sports complex to serve areas north and east of sports complex.  12-inch sanitary sewer main installed at southwest corner of complex and continued through the nature area to an area bored underneath Ross Avenue on the north of the complex.  An additional 10 inch main was installed along the south edge of the entire complex (south of the soccer fields and radio flyers field) to reach the new high school property on the east side of the complex.   At the end of the project, a manhole approximately every 200 to 250 feet is visible at ground level.  (2003)

56.            Additional millings from street project placed on parking areas throughout the sports complex.  (2004)

57.            Walking trail sidewalk built on the north end of the complex from edge of school district property next to the school bus maintenance barn to the entrance/exit for the baseball field.  Sidewalk built by Steve Swift Construction.  Bridge over drainage area built, transported by Patton and installed by city public works department and Steve Swift construction.  (2004).

58.            Walking trail built from Chisholm Trail monument to south end of complex connecting to sidewalk at the north end of Park Glen Phase II.  Trail built by city public works department with millings from street project.  (2004)

59.            Bat house installed at the south end of the driveway next to the radio flyers field (east entrance) next to the turnaround point.  House built by Nestor as scout project.  Bat houses can hold up to 200 adult bats that will eat thousands of pounds of insects during the time that they will stay in Clearwater annually (usually April to June).   (2004)

60.            Chisholm Trail Radio Control Club purchased ground to build new area for radio control airplanes at 119th Street South and Ridge Road (just west of Ridge).  Ground work and grass seeding will take place over the fall of 2004 and the spring of 2005 for new home for CTRCC.  CTRCC took fencing, shelter and other items that club purchased themselves from the Chisholm Trail Sports Complex.  Concrete and remains of 12’ x 40’ shelter remain.  (2004-2005)

61.            Walking trail built from north end of Park Glen Phase II sidewalk entrance to sidewalk connecting Clearwater Middle School parking lot and Park Glen main entrance at Park Glen/South 4th Avenue.  Trail built by city public works personnel with millings left over from 2004 street project.  (2005)

62.            50 x 50 concrete pad poured for Skateboard Park in the northwest corner of main baseball parking lot just south of walking trail.  Swift construction also poured a small retaining wall along the east edge of concrete pad.  (2005)

63.            Trees planted along walking trail from Chisholm Trail monument near the northwest corner of soccer fields to the sidewalk between Clearwater Middle School and Park Glen main entrance.  Trees were planted by city public works personnel with tree spade rented from the City of Cheney.  Trees were taken from the city’s tree nursery that had been developed in the sports complex in the early 90’s.  (2005)

64.            Walking trail built along the north edge of the complex connecting sidewalk from school bus maintenance area to the new high school property.  Trail built by city public works department and millings were used as surface.  Trail built next to the drainage ditch for Ross Avenue at the very north end of complex.  (2005)

65.            Tennis courts built in the old flyers field area on the east side of the eastern road into the sports complex.  John Henzel Tennis Court Systems is the contractor.  2 pre-stressed concrete courts built with 10 foot high fencing surrounding the court.  (early 2006)

66.            Miracle Sign fixed the scoreboards and replaced bulbs.  (2006)

67.            City Administrator met with several kids at CIC building to review a proposal for additions to skateboard park in the sports complex.  Kids had interest in proposal and were advised of actions they could take (fundraising, etc.) to further the proposal.  (Spring 2006)

68.            Asphalt overlay of the trail at the north end of complex (south side of Ross Avenue) from the western entrance into sports complex to the high school property at 1201 E. Ross Av.  2” – 3” overlay completed by Holland Paving.  Overlay was also completed around the Chisholm Ridge fishing lakes/ponds across the street from the sports complex.(Fall 2006)

69.            Drainage pipe installed by city crews across the east road in the sports complex near tennis courts to help storm water drainage.  (2007)

70.            Sink in concession stand at baseball/softball area replaced.  Three basin sinks were purchased and installed in order to meet KDHE regulations for serving certain types of food concessions.  (2007)

The increased use of the sports complex has helped in the interest of volunteers in the development of the area.


Any contributions would be greatly appreciated! Contributions are placed in a donation fund and can be designated for a specific area or project.  The Future Development Projects and Plat of the Sports Complex is attached.

Future Development Projects

  • Construct Walk, Run, Jog Trail
  • Football field for junior football
  • Playground Area and Equipment
  • Parking Lot and Roadway Paved
  • Construct Wooden Walking Bridge Across Drainage  (south end)
  • Additions to skate park
  • Build Exercise Stations along walk/jog/run path
  • Plant Shrubs
  • Picnic Tables and Benches
  • Lighting for Soccer Fields
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