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Clearwater Planning Commission

The Clearwater Planning Commission is responsible for establishing city zoning regulations and recommending alterations to those regulations to City Council. The Commission also reviews and comments on city improvements; plans, plats, or re-plats of subdivisions or re-subdivisions of land; and improvements to public streets and parks.

The Clearwater Planning Commission consists of seven members and meets the first Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. at Clearwater City Hall.

The board is composed of five members who reside within the city limits and two who reside outside the city limits (within the school district boundaries).

Below are the current members and their terms:

George Rudy, Chair
2015 - 2019
Ron Witt 2015 - 2019 City
Lyle Berntsen 2016 - 2020 City
Matt Bates
2016 - 2020 City
Chad Pike 2016 - 2020 City
Crystal Luckner 2015 - 2019 County
Jennifer Clark 2015 - 2019 County

The Planning Commission is referenced in City Ordinance No. 274 and Section 2.32.020 of Codified Code and K.S.A. 12-701 to 12-715b

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Planning Commission Minutes
Minutes from the Planning Commission dating back to 2005.

Apply to be a Member
Are you interested in serving on the Planning Commission? Please complete the application at the link above.

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