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What To Do Before We Arrive

Before the Ambulance Arrives

If you or someone you are with becomes ill or injured and is in need of an ambulance, here are a few simple steps to follow.

  1. KEEP CALM - If you get excited, the patient will too. It is also easier to give the right information when you are calm.
  2. CALL 911 – 911 is available in the Sedgwick and Sumner County areas and should be used for all emergencies, and requests for Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services.
    • Who you are and who the patient is.
    • What you believe is wrong with the patient.
    • Where you are – your address and any other information that will help us find you.
    • Provide a phone number if possible; we may need to call you back.
    • Don’t hang up the phone until the dispatcher tells you to.
    • Turn on the porch light.
    • Return to the patient and listen for the phone.
    • Don’t move the patient unless he or she is in danger of being injured from their surroundings.

Questions to expect when the ambulance arrives

When the ambulance arrives the paramedics will ask several questions as they examine and treat the patient. These questions may include:

1.  Does the patient have any medical problems such as diabetes, epilepsy, heart problems, lung problems, or any other medical condition?

2.  Is the patient taking any medications? It is a good idea to gather these together if possible so EMS personnel can make a list.

3.  How was the patient injured or how long ago did they become ill?

4.  What was the patient doing just prior to being injured or becoming ill?

5.  Who is the patient’s regular doctor?

These questions are important in helping the paramedics provide the most helpful and appropriate care.

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