Update from the Mayor

December 18, 2019

Today I attended the Sedgwick County Commission Meeting where the placement of Ambulance Service in Clearwater by Sedgwick County EMS on a 12/7 basis was on their agenda for approval. Following a lengthy discussion, (attached for review) the funding for the additional resources were approved, but the placement of those resources are pending a “staffing study” being conducted by Sedgwick County EMS. The immediate change from what our level of coverage has been is not changing. Clearwater will continue to receive Ambulance coverage from Sedgwick County as we do today: on receipt of a 911 call, an ambulance will be dispatched from the nearest resource. Clearwater will continue to be served by our local volunteer EMT’s/paramedics that respond to each 911 call to provide immediate care. We will work with our County Commissioner Michael O’Donnell and County Staff to monitor the staffing study and report their results once completed.


Burt Ussery


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