Community Cleanup

Twice a year, the City of Clearwater oversees a cleanup weekend for the purpose of disposing large and bulky items for city residents.

As part of the city’s residential trash franchise, city residents can drop off any item for free (exceptions include tires, refrigerators, batteries, or hazardous waste). Spring cleanup weekends are scheduled in April/May and fall cleanup weekends are scheduled in October/November. Please check local cable station Channel 2 and the information sign at the corner of 4th/Ross for further announcements regarding the next cleanup weekend.

City Residents Only

There will be city employees checking driver’s licenses to verify that all items brought to the collection site come from a Clearwater city address. A Clearwater resident must be in the vehicle that is bringing the items to the collection site at the Public Works Building at:
400 W Ross Avenue
Clearwater, KS 67026

Anyone bringing trash or materials from outside of Clearwater will not be allowed to dump their items at the collection site.